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*As of Sep 2015*
Used by the domestic and overseas Amazon sellers

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Official partner company

As an official partner, PRIMA is recommended by Payoneer Inc. which is the major Amazon fund receive operator.

what can PRIMA do?

Get price & shipping

Get the lowest price (+ shipping price)  or cart box price (+shipping price). Extracting only the price of the rival sellers except linked MWS account. Also detailed condition setting is available.

get weight & sizes

Get weight and 3 dimensional sizes which are required to calculate postage of the international mail. Available to get weight and size that are registered on Amazon. If there is a weight and size, it will help you to calculate postage of small package, EMS, and more..

GET item desctiptions

Get product information by API request,  Get a variety of product information that is registered on Amazon. For example, product names, product specifications, brand name, manufacturer model number, etc...

get new & used condition

Not only brand new items, PRIMA can get product price and shipping price of used items as well. You can also get price of cart box and shipping price of used items. Advanced setting is available.

GET  sales rank

Get Amazon sales rank in the category which the item belongs to. If you continuously acquire it, you are able to see the approximate sales performance. Compatible with 8 countries’ sales ranks.

GET image url

Get a URL of main image and a URL of thumbnail image. The URL  image will manage your product sales more efficiently and will help to reduce recognition mistakes.

adjust rival offer

Based on detailed competitive offer setting, PRIMA will update adjustment of sales price automatically. You just define the minimum acceptable price, and PRIMA will automatically update the price each day.

set price range

The minimum acceptable price and the maximum acceptable price can be set up in advance. You will not follow a competing offer which is out of ordinary. You can revise the price of each SKU by yourself.

automatically running

Both of the acquiring data and the price revision can continue running. All you have to do is initial setting. Afterward PRIMA will continue to run until it stops.

Data acquisition mode Repricing mode
Data acquisition mode

-The data that can be acquired from the ASIN code-
Lowest price, Lowest shipping price, The number of sellers,
Buybox price, Buybox shipping price, Category, Sales rank,
Release date, Product weight, Length, Height, Width
*Coming soon
Product name, Manufacturer name, Manufacturer model number, Brand name, Specifications of product 1-5,
Thumbnail image URL, Main image URL, Platform(video game), The number of package, Region code, Adult flag

Repricing mode

-The data that can be adjusted from your SKU-
Minimum allowed price, Maximum allowed price, No rival price

how to use

connect MWS

There is hardly any risk since PRIMA uses API request that is provided by Amazon.

switch 2 mode

Data acquisition and price revision can be operated by a switching mode.


Successive continuous acquisition / timer operation is available. Running on VPS is recommended.

Detailed settings

You can set up detailed acquisition conditions so  you can get only the data  you wish to get.

skip my own

Since PRIMA skips your linked account, you will not get any useless data.

available worldwide

Available for 9 countries of Amazon(Amazon: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Japan) 

what used for

update inventory on amazon

Get a lowest price and a shipping price of all 8 countries of Amazon

Skip a lowest price offer of poor evaluation

Get the number of sellers to see the market inventory

Get reservation product by obtaining a release date

update listings on ebay

 listing up on eBay by using ASIN management tool 

To update all at once by using File Exchange         Since it's able to obtain release date, it also can be used for Pre-Order

calculate international shipping

To distinguish a product which can be sent as a small package [The sum of the three dimensional sides is less than 90cm]

To exclude a product that can not be sent as a small package or  EMS 

Making a different strategy depending on the size and weight

sales rank research

Making an excel graph by using regular data

Using for the research of FBA selection

Collecting data automatically by continuously running

automatically update inventory

Import the SKU of FBA inventory & house inventory

Get competing offer price from Amazon

Revise the price automatically by continuously running

No need to update a troublesome updated file anymore

set specific price range

Specify the price range for each SKU

Able to create multiple template

Available for setting under different conditions for each SKU

(Maximum 10,000 SKU)

user feedback

This price revision is very helpful!

Trading company President Mr. T.Y

Our company does not need to use the data acquisition, since we heard PRIMA repricing mode was created, we often use it.

We use an exclusive computer for PRIMA alone, and we always run 15 PRIMA and conduct  the repricing. lol  

Since we started using this tool, one of our everyday tasks which took at least 2 hours can be done much faster and more efficiently. 

Since starting using PRIMA, we have saved a lot of money and time considering it as an hourly wage.

Also this tool is very fast and accurate!

Since we can create several templates at the same time, we are able to make a pricing strategy each day.

Thank you very much!

It is a great tool because we can specify the rules of repricing

Trading company President Mr. T.K

We used to ask SOHO to do some tasks previously, but now we do not need their help anymore because we have this excellent tool, and we can save money and time. 

We are glad that we have this convenient tool.

There are many different features in the software, so we still haven’t used all of them perfectly, but we will eventually try to use all features on our way.

Thanks a lot  for supporting our business..

It’s a strong tool with enough features

Trading company President Mr. H.E

We definitely can’t work without this tool now.

This has enough features and it’s the best tool I’ve ever seen.

We can allocate FBA and Fulfilled By Seller by size of a product or weight at the time of purchasing the items. We also use the data acquisition for our domestic sales.

We can acquire the data very fast, and it’s one of the greatest features in PRIMA.

I do not think that we can find a much better tool than PRIMA in the future. 

Honestly I wish PRIMA does not exists because it’s too good to be true

Trading company President Mr. M.O

The business style of the provider of PRIMA is very logical and scientific..

It reflects on the PRIMA tools. 

It has many features that I wished to have before.

PRIMA is necessary for both veteran sellers and new sellers on Amazon who export items abroad.

I wish this tool did not exist because it’s too convenient.

Japanese quality is always top in the world

Overseas Export Sales CEO K.W

The good thing about PRIMA is that I can get variety of data safely.

I can select whatever data I want by PRIMA and it’s very convenient.

The most important part of PRIMA is that it is safe.

The data from MWS is provided by Amazon, so I don’t need to worry about closing my account.

I do not feel any stress because the engineers adjust the speed of the data acquisition.

Some new users might feel difficult to use this at first, but video instructions are provided, so they will be fine.

PRIMA is a necessary tool for people who export items on Amazon.

I definitely suggest PRIMA for people who use Amazon to export items to outside of your country

Overseas Export Sales CEO K.Y

Most sellers need to protect their account of Amazon and eBay all the time. 

I heard many sellers’ account were removed or can’t sell items all of the sudden because of poor account health and they couldn't avoid some risks…

I have received many inquiries which people are looking for a great tool of repricing adjustment, so I always introduce PRIMA for those people.

I definitely depend on PRIMA

Trading company owner Mr. A.S

I have used PRIMA right after it was released.

I believe that I am a master of PRIMA. lol

I think efficiency and effectiveness are very important elements in terms of doing business.

We can manage our stock and revise the price efficiently and effectively by using PRIMA.

We can manage the stock by short time and accurately by PRIMA, so we definitely need PRIMA for our business.

You can use PRIMA perfectly if you just create a simple calculation formula

Overseas Export Sales Mrs. Momo

PRIMA was released at the same time when our repricing and the stock updating became very busy.

We were very surprised about the speed of data acquisition while using it in the trial period, and we immediately started to use it. 

PRIMA is easy to use and the data acquisition is a very simple tool.

So we can create variety of strategies by making various formulas on Excel.

The troublesome work which is the data updating can be made more easy and simple by PRIMA. 

So you will not struggle for researching on Excel. I really recommend this tool for those people who struggle a lot.

Of course, if you are not good at using Excel, you can use this tool once you create simple calculation formulas! 

Frequently Asked Questions

easy to use for beginners?
Yes, there is a video manual for PRIMA, and we will fully support  at dedicated support forums.
There is no problem if you have a professional Amazon account which you want to get the data.
Can this tool be used only for Amazon export?
Of course not.
The export file is made as simple as can be  in order to increase the versatility.
It is available for eBay export, Amazon import, and so on.
Do I need a rental server?
The server is not required.
PRIMA will work as long as it has the internet connection in Windows PC environment since it is for a desktop version.
Do I need all of the mentioned countries  Amazon professional account?
It is not necessary  to have all Amazon professional account.
It is possible to get the data according to the country you want to receive.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
No, there isn’t.
But please be assured that there is a free trial, and you will not be charged if you cancel  within the trial period.
Do I need to pay additional fee besides monthly fee?
No, you don’t.
However, if  you get a new professional account of Amazon, you need to pay additional monthly fee.
Can I run PRIMA even on another PC such as outsourcing or SOHO?
You are required one license per PC.
It is possible that the outsourcing and SOHO use PRIMA via a desktop cloud service.
Is the PRIMA also compatible with MAC?
No, it isn’t.
We are sorry, but currently it is compatible only with  Windows desktop.

Before applying for PRIMA…

To use PRIMA, you need to have a professional account of Amazon in the specific country you wish to receive the data. If you already have a professional account of Amazon, you can get the data since you can make an account of Amazon MWS. 
You do not need to make a contract with Amazon other than the country you wish to receive
*In respect to, it is available either professional merchant contract or opening type seller contract.



PRIMA Global

  • Windows desktop version
  • Amazon competing offer price, data acquisition
  • Compatible in 9 countries (JP,US,CA,MX,UK,DE,FR,IT,ES)
  • Automatic revision of selling price (Maximum 10000SKU)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Video manuals are published

Currently accepting Free Trial Application

*As soon as free trial period ends,  you will be charged the monthly fee $59

*The application of PRIMA free trial will be only once.

For additional license please click here

For re-application please click here

*Important* About licence

This tool is a certified  system by license.
It requires one license per PC.

If you want to use on multiple PC, you are required to purchase additional licence.
However, in the nature of MWS, we recommend you to prepare professional account of Amazon separately since there is a high possibility that API request will be limited if you run them on same MWS account.

In addition, it may take up to 24 hours to issue your license after you applied since we will issue it individually after we receive free trial application.
We will send a license to your email address on Paypal.
Please note that if there is an irregularity in your email address, it may not be sent properly.

※Please be careful about above mentioned especially while using a free email like Yahoo!
In  case of not receiving  the email after 24 hours , please contact us from here with your name and and e-mail address of your paypal.  make sure its the same as the one you applied with.

Operating environment of PRIMA

CPU x86 of over 800MHz or 64bit processor
Memory 1GB or more (2GB or more recommended)
HDD More than 500MB (1GB or more recommended)
OS Windows XP, Windows Vista,
Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit, 64bit)
Mac OS is not supported (please prepare a virtual Windows environment, etc.)


Other *Internet environment is required
(Optical fiber, CATV, high-speed Internet environment such as ADSL is recommended)


*3.5 and higher versions of .Net Framework is required as the operating environment.
(If you are using Windows 7, it is already in a state that Net Framework4.0 is installed)


*note The above is a minimum operating environment required in order to operate the PRIMA. Even if you meet the above environment, it is not 100% operation guarantee.



For further Inquiries about PRIMA, please click here. We will answer within 24 hours. (excluding weekends and holidays)
unlimited mail support

Unlimited support  by email.Especially in the case of bugs or problem like that, basically we will support within 24 hours.

official blog

A faster solution than inquiries via e-mail is to look to the FAQ in the official blog.We have collected the popular answers of  past case examples.

Video Manual

We publish manual videos of all operations on YouTube videos. You can learn from basic operations to detailed setting method.

unlimited system update

As long as you subscribe, you are able to use the latest updated version without limitation.In the case of problem at the time of updating, we will support as soon as possible.