Privacy Policy

We protect personal information of the customers. We comply with laws/ regulations of the personal information as described below, and we will maintaine our customer’s privacy.  

Definition of Personal Information in This Policy

1. Personal Information

By using the data that we receive, for  each customer - by name, address, phone number, email address, work place, or a content of inquiry, and  combining one or more of the given  information, we can specify each customer.

2. Personal Data

The information is organized for searching a specific person. The search is available by the search engine of a computer or in accordance with certain applied rules, adding a table of content or index. 

3. Retained Personal Data

Among the personal data, it is considered that we have the authority to edit a content or disclosure of information because those were created and organized by us. However, it excludes if a holding period is less than 6 months or if it is determined by a law.

Collecting  Personal Information

We only collect the information by legal and fair manner.

Use of a Personal Information

1. When we are provided with personal information by a customer, we clarify the purpose of use in advance.


2. Except if it is under control of  laws and regulation, we will use the personal information which we were given from a customer for  needs of  the business performance within the use of the purpose.


3. For  business performance, we may use the personal information of a customer with a third party, or we may entrust it to the third party. In this case, we will properly supervise the handling of the personal information of the customer.

Third Party Provision of Personal Data

1. We, with the exception of the cases specified in laws and regulations and the next section, your personal data, without advance to obtain your consent, will not provide or disclose to any third party.

2. We may provide  personal information of the customer to a third party without asking  the customer. In this case, if a customer tell us to stop using the personal information, we will stop providing it to the third party.


3. For business performance, we may use the personal information of a customer with a third party, or we may entrust it to the third party. In this case, we will properly and strictly supervise the handling of the costumers personal information.

Safety Management Measures

As we safely manage the retained personal data regarding the customers, we will do the following performance -

To  avoid damages such as loss, destroyed, falsification, leakage of the personal information, we will take rational measures.

Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use

Regarding to retained personal data, we understand that the customers have the authority to disclose, correct, or terminate by themselves. If we were requested from a customer, in accordance to the laws, we will correspond the request immediately. 

Development and the Implementation of Regulation

We will handle  the internal regulation regarding to the protection of the personal information for conducting the policy, and we will conduct thoroughly by our officers and employees and other people who are involved. We will keep and improve this.

Application and Revision of This Policy

The content of this policy will apply from the submitted date on this website. In addition, we may revise this policy without giving any notification when we consider to revise or receive a request of laws and regulations.

























当社は、お客様に関する保有個人データを安全に管理するため、次のとおりの取り組みを行います。 個人情報の紛失、破壊、改ざんおよび漏えい等を防止するため、不正アクセス、コンピュータウイルス等に対する合理的な対策を講じます。